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Corn Maze 2023

Ready for a challenge? Then you are ready for the corn maze!  Bring your family and friends and tackle this year's design.  Each year we have a fun, new design for you to get lost in.  The corn maze has been our signature attraction since year one, starting out at only 5 acres and growing in size each year to now over 8 acres of twists and turns in our 10 acre corn and sunflower field, with lots of room to get lost. 

In celebration of the October release of Reba’s upcoming lifestyle book Not That Fancy: Simple Lessons on Living, Loving, Eating, and Dusting Off Your Boots and companion album Not That Fancy, Sweet Season Farms is preparing to open a country music corn maze honoring the long-time legend.  Sweet Season Farms is one of 40+ farms featuring Reba in their corn maze this year. Collectively, the farms—which are designed by The MAiZE Inc. in 24 states across the U.S.—will reach more than a million visitors during the fall season.

Our maze is divided into three sections this year, which includes our main maze, our kiddie maze and our NEW sunflower walking trail around the maze! 

2023 Corn Maze Design

23_FL_Millton mock up.jpg

Interactive Maze Features


Choose a trivia topic before you go in and answer the questions as you come to the numbered posts.  Correct answers will lead you to the exit.  Passports are free and are available at the Information Tent just ouside of entrance to maze.

QR Codes

Scan the QR codes at each numbered post for clues to get you headed in the right directions.  Beware - incorrect answers may lead you down the wrong path


You can purchase a souvenir map at the Farm Gift Shop to help navigate through the maze or even scan the QR code at entrance for a free map on your phone.

First year visiting us?  Check out all of our past 14 years of corn maze designs:

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