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Fall School Field Trips

(Scroll to bottom for info on our Homeschool/Small Group Day on October 6th!)

At Sweet Season Farms, we believe it's important that the heritage and dynamics of agriculture is something that all children have the chance to be exposed to.  It just so happens that we're able to help accomplish that goal in a fun and unique way. We invite you to bring your students to come get lost in our classroom in the corn!

When are 2023 school field trips?


Oct 2nd - Nov 10th

(By Reservation Only)

What's included?  How is a typical field trip day structured?



Students and teachers will rotate through 4 stations:

  • Our kid size corn maze with educational trivia - each year our unique maze can be a fun challenge!

  • Our Breeds Barn to see different types of cattle!

  • A ride on the Cow Train

  • A jump on the Corn Popper jumping pillow
    *Pumpkins NOT included with field trip but can be purchased at farm based on daily availability


After rotating through all 4 stations, you have time for:

  • Enjoying your lunch in our picnic area

  • Let the kids run off some energy on the farm themed playground before loading up at 12:00



  • BONUS! Download curriculum materials for classroom use either before or after a visit to our farm

How much does it cost?

$10 per student 

$10 per parent/chaperone/sibling age 2 and up
*Pumpkins are NOT included with field trip


Grade level teachers (must be with grade at attending school) and bus drivers are free!

*Note - the field trip is geared toward the age of the field trip student only.  Older or younger siblings will not be able to do all activities on field trip.  No additional activities are open weekdays and siblings must stay with group at all times.  We highly recommend sibings come on weekends.


Payment will be made on day of field trip upon arrival.  Cash, school check or credit card are accepted.

Entire group must be paid for in one transaction.


Parents, chaperones and siblings will pay separate upon arrival.  


We will e-mail a receipt to your bookkeeper, so please bring that email address with you.



General Information

  • We have 2 large picnic areas available for picnic lunches during field trips.  The areas are labeled by teacher name for each school attending that day so you will be assigned a spot for your class/group.

  • Please note that only certain activities are open for use during field trip hours and all field trips are structured.  Teachers will be given a list of activities and all groups will be split and assigned a guide.  Student, teachers, parents and siblings (if any) must stay with that group at all times.  Please note:The large corn maze is not open for field trips.  Concessions and food are available during lunch hours for students or adults to purchase and may vary by day.

  • Classes should come prepared for an OUTDOOR farm experience by dressing appropriately for the weather and bringing water bottles.  Any students with allergies to an outdoor environment (grass, hay, straw, bees) should be noted and appropriate precautions taken.

  • All groups must have a minimum of 50 students to qualify for field trip.  Smaller group?  See information below about Homeschool/small group day!

Families/Homeschool/Small Group Field Trip Day

:Do you have a smaller group (less than 50 students)?   Are you a homeschool family or group?  Or just a family looking for something to do with your kids during the weekday?  Join us on Friday, October 6th from 9:00-12:00


$ 11 per person ages 2 and up.   This day is less structured than normal field trips and although all activities are not open, we do have most open.
*Pumpkin NOT included with admission but can be purchased at farm based on daily availability

Please Note: This is the ONLY DAY we are open to small groups and homeschool families on a weekday.  You and/or your group can rotate at leisure through the available open activities at the farm.  Pack a lunch to enjoy at our picnic tables or purchase food around the farm! (Not all locations open)  Farm closes at 12:00. 


Guaranteed activities:  Cow Train, Corn Maze (large and small), Corn Popper Jumping Pillow, Kiddie Playground, Hay Barn, Duck Races, Barnyard Ball, The Junkyard, Breeds Barn, Farm Games, and Beeline  (Corn Cannons will NOT be open.  Pony rides NOT available during this time)


Call 850-686-9917 or email for more information!

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