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Meet the Farmers

We are the Mathews Family!



Sweet Season Farms was founded just north of Milton, Florida in 2008.  Being 4th generation farmers, it is very important to us to continue the farming tradition while also being able to raise our children on the farm and teach them the values and responsibilites that come with everyday farm life.  We also wanted to teach others about the importance of agriculture. 


In 2009 we partnered with The MAIZE Company out of Utah to create an 8-acre corn maze and an agricultural experience like none other in the Florida panhandle.   By adding fun farm activities and agricultural education we could now give visitors an opportunity to enjoy some of the fun traditions that we love and also learn about why agriculture is important in our daily lives!



For us, Sweet Season Farms is a passion. It is a whole year of work and planning for the excitement of a six-week whirlwind of fun. On any given day, you can find Trent and I running the ticket booth, unloading drinks, cutting grass or fixing tractors.  Throughout the year, we plant peanuts, soybeans and cotton in addition to the corn, pumpkin and sunflowers in the fall and the beef cattle we raise.


Our kids, although still young, are not to be left out of the action. The smallest ones understand the importance of taking care of the farm animals and are eager to help with the farm work any chance they get.  Our oldest ones can be found selling drinks, carrying pumpkins or maintaining the animal feeders, which they have turned into their own business venture.


We will be honored to have you spend the day with your family and friends at our 15th Annual Corn Maze and Fall Fun Festival beginning September 30th!  We love sharing our farm and look forward to meeting you!!



Can't wait to see you in the Fall!

Trent and Sharon Mathews
Morgan, Lucas, Laney and Caleb


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