Are you a photographer who would like to use the farm as a backdrop for photo sessions?  We have plenty of pretty picture spots, including our corn maze field and pumpkin patch as well as several flower patches around the farm, featuring sunflowers and zinnias.
(depending on the day, not all flowers will be in bloom) 

We allow photographers to come out for photo sessions between 9:00am-5:00pm on Saturdays and 11:00am-5:00pm on Sundays ONLY between October 2nd - November 7th.  These are the hours we are open to the public.

**$14.00 plus tax per person at gate (ages 2 and up)
or $12.00 plus tax per person if purchased online**
These prices apply to the photographer and each client ages 3 and up. 

Please be sure this information is passed along to your clients unless you plan to pay the fee for them.

**Please note -   We CANNOT GUARANTEE bloom dates of any of our flowers since weather dictates that for us.  At this time, it looks like Sunflowers will be in bloom opening weekend. We recommend checking our FB page or website or calling the farm to see when they are in full bloom and scheduling accordingly. ** Please call or check social media if unsure about weather conditions.

For further questions, email: